Content Creation


INBOUND Experience

In September of 2019, I had the great honor and privilege of attending Hubspot's annual experience, INBOUND. It was sincerely one of the most inspiring weeks of my life as it opened my eyes to the industry of diversity & inclusion. Not only did I discover this new opportunity, the week was full of new ideas, poignant speakers, and fresh perspectives. I wanted to remember all of this and the way it made me feel. Through INBOUND, I took quick videos with my phone the entire time and compiled this upon my return. This was my INBOUND 2019!


2020 Broadway Announce

After moving to Boston, I continued to do work for the AT&T Performing Arts Center while they searched for my replacement. One of these projects included creating the 2020/2021 Broadway Announce video. The turnaround for a final product was quick. The request came in on a Thursday evening and needed to be fulfilled by the following evening for the Monday announcement. As mentioned on the "Marketing" page, Broadway press agents are not always a fan of the content produced and needed at least a few days for edits and updates. Knowing my expedited timeline, I promptly compiled the material (show logos, previously shot b-roll of the Winspear, Center logos) and crunched to create this video overnight.


An Evening with Ira Glass

Craftiness is critical when working with small budgets and few assets! When the smooth-talking radio personality Ira Glass came to town, I took limited resources and turned them into something content worthy. Ira Glass was part of our Hear Here Speaker Series, a series bringing in some of the greatest voices, thinkers, and leaders of our time. To announce the series that year, we created a video using Google's Pixelstick, most recognized as the animation of Saturday Night Live's show intro. Taking bits and pieces of the announce video, splicing it, and adding in the voice over for Ira's show teaser, I successfully created a new piece of content for the Center's social accounts.


Social Graphics

While at the Center, my job title and description did not entail graphic designing per se, but here and there, I would create graphics for social media. I'll be honest; I love hopping into photoshop and putting together a little something! Most often, I would design quote graphics highlighting the best press after a Broadway show opening. Since this wasn't the primary function of my job, I didn't get to do graphics too much, but any chance I could, I took it! Here are a few of my favorites.